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Pamela Fernandez


Her History starts back in the wonderful world of fashion.   Spending years on that curcuit, my face graced print media, television and runways appearing in several top magazines, commercials, talk shows and cat walks; nationally and abroad.   I lead and supervised a team of people for productions, promotions, international photo shoots, events and fundraisers accross the nation and overseas.  As a spokesperson I represented Top executives and their companies.  As well as, dozens of not-for-profit orgaanizations, trade shows and theater productions in many many locations.  

Pamela came into the music as an exceptionally versatile singer, performing in some of the most prestigious venues in the nation, including the Kennedy Center, Hollywood Palladium, Brooklyn Academy of Performing arts, to name a few.

Being absent from “clubland”, over the years, she that an original acapella version (that I didn’t write) from a classic dance/house song I did several years ago called “Kickin in the Beat (cutting records) was used on numerous re-workings, bootlegs and a vast array of compilations, making it an all time classic song and making her one of the most sampled and recognizable voices in dance/house music. Please Google me!

With a repertoire spanning 5 decades of all genres of music, she has brought energy and elegance to countless events, nationally, and is known to keep a dance floor packed. Her smooth sound is matched only by her stellar appearance, as she creates a musical ambiance that bewitches an audience and holds the listener spellbound. As an exceptionally versatile singer, she is as comfortable dancing and belting out an uptempo tune, as well as, draped slinkily across a grand piano singing jazz and soft ballads that beguiles and enraptures an audience.


All eyes were on American star Pamela Fernandez at The Club Hotel on Saturday night, as she thrilled her audience with an exciting cabaret performance.  Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Ms Fernandez looked right at home on stage in what was her maiden show in Australia.  Her gorgeous voice and sense of humor were more than enough to steal the hearts of the strong Chinchilla audiance that engaged her throughout her very successful evening!!!

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Pamela Ferrnandez and what a song can be

Pamela Fernandez is known as a singer, all around the world, even though almost none of the uncounted people who have danced, moved and who-knows-what-else to her tracks have any real idea who she is. A lot of people even know her name, especially the DJs, producers and labels who have played, remixed, resampled and rereleased her legendary vocals; they all know that Pamela Fernandez' voice can make a track and pack a dancefloor, but they probably know something else about her too. Most of the people who sampled and rereleased that legendary vocal probably know that Pamela Fernandez never got paid. She's been called "one of the most sampled voices in electronic music since 1992, although never credited in any of the releases", but almost none of the many thousands of clubgoers who have danced to her voice all over the world are likely to know that. What they do know is that she's a soulful, powerful, make-you-move singer.


Pamela loves a lot of music, and her latest project is an exploration of some very new ways to do exactly that. It's an imaginative, adventurous undertaking called "Spicy Jazz Adventure"  which she's put together with Thomas Gunther, the talented composer, producer and jazz pianist. "In this project, we perform our own unique interpretation of old, new and original songs about life, and about the laughter, love, loss, hopes and dreams that come with it," she says.


Pamelas Links

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Happy by Pamela Fernandez


Spicy Jazz Adventure ”A Jazzy Twist"

"Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye", a recent duet that Pam and I recorded.


Kickin' In The Beat


"The Power Of Love" featuring Pam from our original CD


"Voodoo" featuring Pam from our original CD

I Like the Way I Feel

 Pamela Fernandez Fashion



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            Pamela Fernandez


The UK is proud to announce Pamela Fernandez returning as one of the biggest coups in dance history. “Kickin in the Beat” is not just another re-release using the original 1992 vocals; but is a freshly re-made mix done by Pamela. Living in the US and being absent from clubland over the years she was unaware that the original a cappella version was used on numerous re-workings, bootlegs and a vast array of compilations, making it an all time classic house track and making Pamela one of the most sampled and recognizable voices in electronic house music. “Kickin in the Beat” received global exposure with a running video and subsequent original material written and performed by her. Taking the glamour of the past to the present and taking it right on into the future!

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