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"CHOCALATE" Produced by Philander Ratliff

Pamelas Music Promo

World on a String

Pamela Fernandez @ Columbia College

Power of Love


As one of the most versatile and talented party bands out there, SKYLINE will keep the dance floor packed with energy and elegance. Playing music for everyone from the 60's to current, including, R&B, Pop, Motown, Swing, Classic Rock, Country.  All custom made to your dance palette.  You will be so glad you chose SKYLINE to entertain your corporate event, wedding reception or Party.


Jazz trio to 11 piece full orchestra

PowerPlay FYI is premier live music entertainment from Chicago, Illinois. It's sheer musical might with a mission to unite.Chicago is a music destination with a thriving local scene as well as a performance destination for artists worldwide. PowerPlay FYI draws from this diversity of styles and influences to build an exciting and addictive repertoire of Soul, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Rock, Swing and original compositions. The songs and its talented members form the core of PowerPlay FYI's strength - an essence that transcends style and celebrates the joy of great music. 


Pam and Ruben strip down this classic tune to its bare most intimate minimum. Written by John D. Loudermilk, it was first released in 1962 by Don Cherry as a country song. It was again release in 1967 by the doo-wop group, The Casinos. Fast forward to 2014 and behold how beautiful melody and timeless lyrics endure.

Spicy Jazz Adventure

Pamela Fernandez & Thomas Gunthers


sja news.jpg

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Spicy Jazz Adventure is an exciting musical project created and led by singer Pamela Fernandez and pianist/composer/producer Thomas Gunther.   Popular songs from the past to the present have been re-arranged and supplemented with original sections and lyrics to reflect how people feel, hear and think music today. The band also performs original songs. Pamela’s Dreams is best suited for an attentive audience that can appreciate a high quality musical performance that engages the mind, heart and soul alike. Please visit “” for all music and band information.

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News from UK!!!!!!!!!


            Pamela Fernandez


The UK is proud to announce Pamela Fernandez returning as one of the biggest coups in dance history. “Kickin in the Beat” is not just another re-release using the original 1992 vocals; but is a freshly re-made mix done by Pamela. Living in the US and being absent from clubland over the years she was unaware that the original a cappella version was used on numerous re-workings, bootlegs and a vast array of compilations, making it an all time classic house track and making Pamela one of the most sampled and recognizable voices in electronic house music. “Kickin in the Beat” received global exposure with a running video and subsequent original material written and performed by her. Taking the glamour of the past to the present and taking it right on into the future!


                                                                                        For all discography

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                                                                              compilations & limited editions

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